Preventive Care Keeps Your Smile Healthy

Would you like to keep your smile for life? You can when you practice preventive care at home and see your family dentist, Dr. Shruti Shukla, on a regular basis. Cleanings, check-ups, sealants, fluoride treatments and more defend your smile against oral health problems. Explore what Great Smiles General Dentistry can do for you.

Family dentistry cares for everyone

From your children to your senior parents, our family dentistry services prevent problems and restore them if they do happen. Also, cosmetic dentistry treatments change smile appearance so you not only feel good, you look your best, too. It all happens in one place--Great Smiles General Dentistry.

Preventive care is foundational

Without at-home brushing, flossing and a low-sugar diet, tooth decay and gum disease happen quickly. However, when you care for teeth and gums, and your overall health, smiles thrive and last.

Partnering with you, your family dentist offers:

  • Professional cleanings to remove plaque and tartar
  • Digital X-rays
  • Semi-annual oral examinations to look for decay, gum disease, bite problems and oral cancer
  • Plastic sealants, easily applied and cured coatings which protect grooved back teeth from decay
  • Fluoride varnishes, a simple and quick enamel protector

Regarding oral cancer, your dentist inspects all adults over 18 years of age for this potentially deadly disease. Oral cancer lesions can be cured successfully when caught in their earliest stages, says the Oral Cancer Foundation.

Finally, patient education and consultation complete preventive care at Great Smile Family Dentistry. Need tips on the best way to brush and floss? Your friendly hygienist is happy to provide them. Wondering if your child needs braces? Talk to Dr. Skukla about his or her dental alignment. Do you need a dental filling to restore a tooth after decay? These services and more are all part of restorative care.

Additionally, Dr. Shukla makes your urgent care and dental emergencies priorities. If you or a loved one cracks a tooth, has dental pain or loses a crown or filling, please contact the office right away for advice and an appointment with our dentist as needed.

Prevent problems and thrive

You and your family can when you trust your oral health to Dr. Shruti Shukla at Great Smiles General Dentistry in Westfield. Phone us for your routine check-up and cleaning: (908) 232-6132.

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