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Keith P. via Google

Dr. Shukla is to be recommended. I've been a patient of the prior owner of Great Smiles - Dr. Swingle - for many years and now being a patient of Dr. Shukla I am more than happy to recommend her. She is warm, human and professional, and the staff - as always - are always light-hearted and easy to deal with yet professional, as well.

Anuj G. via Google

The staff is helpful and welcoming, the service is amazing. The Hygienist, Donna is very thorough and knowledgeable. After meeting Dr. Shukla I felt very comfortable that my dental care is in good hands. I liked her personality and when she did the exam she was thorough and complete. Overall a pleasant experience and a Great Dental Office!! If you're looking for a dental practice in the Westfield area, I would highly recommend you visit them!!

Paula M. via Google

The entire staff here is top notch! Dr. Shukla sets the tone for all her staff; professional, thorough, instilling confidence and being pleasant. I spend the most time with Donna who is simply great. She knows that being in that chair for routine cleanings and exams is not one of my favorite ways to spend time, so she makes it as pleasant as possible. The front office staff completes the picture! Thanks to all at Great Smiles.

Marie L. via Google

I highly recommend Great Smiles General Dentistry! I've been a patient of Great Smiles for over 25 years and I can say that I truly enjoy my visits. Dr. Shukla is very professional, competent and thorough. Dr. Shukla and the entire staff create a warm, friendly and inviting atmosphere. They all go out of their way to get to know their patients. Thank you, Donna, Joy, Rachel, Diane, and Priscilla. And thank you, Dr. Swingle, for leaving your patients in the very capable and caring hands of Dr. Shukla.

J. B. via Google

Dr. Shukla is terrific -- her manner is friendly and soothing, and she puts you at ease right away. Donna is a fabulous hygienist, and the entire staff is kind and friendly. They make going to the dentist for cleanings and check-ups a breeze! I highly recommend this wonderful dentist and her practice. So happy we found her!

Patti T. via Google

Lovely, clean, upbeat office with a terrific staff! Diane welcomes everyone with a big smile! Donna is the best hygienist on the East Coast. No lie! Dr Shukla is kind and very adept with a gentle manner and no-nonsense approach to quality dentistry!! Highly recommend this outstanding office.

Seth M. via Google

Having been a patient of Dr. Swingle’s for many years, I was sad to hear of her recent retirement. Luckily, Dr. Shukla has taken over her practice, and she has continued with the same high degree of professional care and service. Dr. Shukla is a proficient dentist who recently executed a dental reconstruction on a previous tooth that matched it to the finest detail. Her chair-side manner is polite, well-informed and caring -- not only discussing, but listening to any concerns or comments. Diane, Donna, and Joy -- the staff I’ve known for many years -- continue at Great Smiles and they are all consummate professionals as well as cheerful and engaging people. They continue to make every appointment a pleasant experience.

Elizabeth B. via Google

I highly recommend Dr. Shukla and the team at Great Smiles in Westfield! Dr. Shukla is truly a gifted dentist who takes the necessary time with her patients to ensure the highest quality results. The prices are very fair and she is very honest and caring. When I arrive at the office, I am always greeted warmly by the professional staff. I will continue to recommend Dr. Shukla to my family, friends, and everyone I can as I truly feel without a doubt that she is the best in her field...

Melina R. via Google

The entire staff was friendly and courteous. Dr. Shukla was thorough and gentle with her examination. I highly recommend the practice.

David N. via Google

Dr. Shukla is a very caring, skilled dentist with a warm and compassionate team. Dr. Shukla recently repaired a fractured front tooth for me and the cosmetic result was wonderful. My original dentist has retired after 25 years and I am very comfortable with my new dentist.

Karen K. via Google

Dr. Shukla and her staff are quality dental professionals. I am a patient with a life-long “dentist” phobia since traumatized as a child. When I visit this office, I am treated respectfully and with care should extra time be needed. The office runs efficiently; punctuality excellent!

Marty D. via Google

High quality service, professional and friendly. The Great Smiles team is, simply, great. Going there is like coming home again. From Diane at the desk to Joy and Donna for my semi-annual cleanings, to Priscilla and Dr. Shukla. I have been going to Great Smiles for at least 15 years. And while the staff changed, the practice smoothly transitioned from Dr. Swingle to Dr. Shukla. Donna has always done my cleanings. She is fantastic. At my last visit during the brief examination, Dr. Shukla recommended that we "clean up" my old fillings on my two back teeth which appeared to have some decay. This morning, she performed the procedure and it was so easy. A little music, a little nitrous oxide, some novocaine and two professionals (Priscilla and Dr. Shukla) who were always concerned about my comfort and performed the procedure like a well-oiled machine. I travel 50 minutes to use Great Smiles. And, I am a busy guy. They must be good, right? :-) They truly are.Less

Lauren C. via Google

I really appreciated the flexibility of Dr. Shukla and her staff in regards to my schedule, as well as the prompt care of a tooth issue that I had. You can clearly tell they care about their patients!

Mike L. via Google

Dr. Shukla and her able colleagues continue the Great Smiles tradition of excellent patient-oriented service. Always ready to go the extra mile

Carol H. via Google

Dr. Shukla has done a fantastic job with my new cap over my recent implant and went to great lengths to coordinate with the oral surgeon.

Adric Q. via Google

Dr. Shukla has done a fantastic job transitioning Great Smiles from Dr. Swingle. Dr. Shukla is kind, professional, and capable in all things dentistry.

Helen F. via Google

Very thorough and caring. Wonderful staff

Keith P. via Google

Dr. Shukla is warm, human and professional - various family members (patients of the prior dentist Dr. Swingle for many years and now continuing to visit the same practice now owned by Dr. Shukla) all agree that she is to be recommended, and the staff at Great Smiles have always been friendly and light-hearted yet courteous and dedicated.

George S. via Google

There is honestly nothing negative to say. The staff is amazing, the service is amazing and overall a great dental office. The new owner is super nice, extremely professional and knowledgeable and very accommodating. You're always called in at your scheduled appointment time, so you're never waiting past your scheduled slot. When you first walk in the office, the staff will always make sure that your personal information is always up to date and they also make sure they have your current health information/status. You're then escorted by one of the great staff members to a dental room where they do a general check-up and then the rest of the procedure (cleaning, etc.) after that Dr. Shukla comes in and does another set of examinations to complete the process. If you're looking for dental practice in the Westfield/Union County area, i would highly recommend you visit them and you be the judge.

Tim D. via Google

Great Smiles is a great dental practice operated by friendly, fun professionals who take their business very seriously but operate in a comfortable family-friendly manner. While I miss Dr. Swingle she left her practice in the hands of a professional much like her. Dr. Shukla immediately inspires confidence and engages a Doctor/Client relationship with a warm, friendly & professionally competent manner. The office staff operate as a well-oiled team and share their individual personalities in a way not typically found in such a practice. One always feels 'among friends' at the Great Smiles practice. Bravo...take a bow, and thank you for your care. See you soon!!!

Valerie R. via Google

Always a pleasure to go to the Dentist when going to Great Smiles! They have a VERY pleasant and extremely competent staff and I feel Dr. Shukla is filling the big shoes of Dr. Swingle quite well. The whole group couldn't be nicer. Keep up the great work!

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Patient Reviews

  • "Pleasant and professional.
    Dr Shukla and staff provide excellent dental and dental hygiene services. Have been coming to this office for over 25 years. Recommended to all."
    Keith K.
  • "Excellent dentist.
    I had a great experience at Great Smiles, my tooth was filled with no problems and the staff is wonderful."
    Linda F.
  • "Everyone in Dr. Sukla’s office received me with cheerful and friendly attitude. Though it was my first visit, I felt very much at home with her great staff. Dr. Sukla had also talked to me with politeness and did a very good job in attending to my dental requirements."
    S K.
  • "Gentle lady! Friendly and knowlegeable! A fun visit -- you can believe me."
    Florence D.
  • "Dr Shukla, Donna, Diane, Joy and Priscilla are terrific. Professional, knowledgeable, thorough, clean, on time, and very friendly. I have to keep reminding myself that I’m actually at the dentist. There can’t be a better dental office anywhere."
    Jim F.
  • "Super friendly staff & very professional.
    Everyone in the office is so nice and friendly and accommodating...Dr is soooo sweet and very professional...highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a great dentist!!! And great customer service and professionalism!!"
    Marcie M.
  • "Always good.
    Dr. Shukla’s staff always provide warm, caring & professional service!"
    Keith P.
  • "Great experience.
    Very grateful a appointment was arranged immediately as I was in pain, even though I was a new patient. The office and appointment rooms clean and comfortable. I was very impressed with the kind professional attention given and how Quickly my problem was addressed. Great experience! I have been searching for a good dentist in the area and am happy to have found one."
    Shirley W.
  • "High quality, professional dental care.
    Doctor Shukla is a great, highly skilled and very thorough dentist. A few months ago Dr Shukla placed a new crown on a tooth (recommended by Dr Swingle) , which went extremely well. Also it is always a pleasure to have the teeth cleaned by Donna, a very professional and friendly dental hygienist."
    Elizabeth S.
  • "High quality of service, professional.
    Dr Shukla provided excellent service and comfort during the procedure."
    Gary F.
  • "High quality service.
    Dr Shukla and staff are very friendly and personable. I’ve had several tooth emergencies and Dr Shukla and staff have helped me out even on their off days. Dr Shukla is very focused on patient satisfaction. I would definitely recommend Great Smiles to anyone in need of a dentist."
    Aurea M.
  • "Professional and friendly.
    Dr Shukla and her team are very caring and accommodating. I actually look forward to my dental appointments!"
    Peter G.
  • "Dental Work.
    Doctor is very patient and caring. I would highly recommend!"
    Donna W.
  • "Always high quality care.
    I have gone to this practice for years and have come to know the staff well. They are all great! Dr. Shukla provides excellent examinations and kind, careful treatment. Donna is a wonderful hygienist; not only does she do expert teeth cleaning, but she answers all questions thoroughly. She clearly takes pride in her profession and is up to date on current standards of care. I highly recommend 'Great Smiles.'"
    Julie D.
  • "Great service by wonderful people.
    The entire staff are welcoming and thoughtful. Dr Shutla is a great dentist who I highly recommend."
    Russ G.
  • "Dental work? No big deal.
    Dr. Shukla & her staff are always friendly, helpful, calming & efficient, making dental visits easy & stress-free."
    Pat G.
  • "Very professional. Dr. AND STAFF are excellent."
    Patti S.
  • "Excellent dentist and staff
    Our family has been going to this office for at least 25 years. The staff there are more than wonderful. When Dr. Swingle retired we were hoping the new dentist would be good so we could continue our relationships there. Well, we are delighted with Dr. Shukla’s care! Always thorough, gentle, very competent and just personally lovely. Office immaculately clean too. Some nice added amenities like beverages and TVs which frankly are pleasant but not necessary when the professional services (from cleanings to crowns) are first rate!"
    Liz F.
  • "Great group!
    Very friendly, efficient and professional!"
    Stan K K.
  • "Very professional and friendly.
    Dr. Shukla and her staff provide a very professional and relaxed atmosphere. I find everyone to be extremely accommodating and friendly."
    John B.
  • "Professional and friendly... It's like visiting family!
    Always enjoy seeing the folks at Great Smiles... Always on top of things, efficient and effective!!!"
    Peter G.
  • "High Quality Service.
    Awesome office....Very Professional staff... Dentist and staff intently listens to your concerns... Very happy!!"
    Laura D.
  • "Crown prep.
    Dr . Shukla is an excellent doctor . Very caring and gentle during the procedure for my crown hygienist Priscilla was very good and easy to work with ."
    Bob F.
  • "I love the warm and caring personality of Dr Shukla. This warmth is carried over to her staff who are both professional and caring."
    Florence D.
  • "I love the warm and caring personality of Dr Shukla. This warmth is carried over to her staff who are both professional and caring."
    Florence D.
  • "Professional and friendly"
    Karen F.
  • "Always a pleasure."
    Teri B.
  • "Always great care, timely, efficient and very kind staff"
    Richard S.
  • "High quality service.
    Wonderful and efficient staff!"
    L P.
  • "I just went for my 6 month cleaning and checkup . It’s always a great experience ( the best you could have at a dentist!!) the whole office staff are so friendly and yet professional. Dr. Shukla is very thorough, gentle , professional and nice !! Couldn’t be better :) I highly recommend them!"
    Joanne C.
  • "Professional & friendly service.
    When you open the door to Great Smiles you are greeted with a smile. The staff does everything to make you feel relaxed and at ease. Very professional on all fronts and answer questions with just the right amount of information. I would definitely recommend Great Smiles."
    Trisha Y.
  • "The best.
    Great attention. Always on time. You will feel so confident!"
    Gloria L.
  • "High quality dentistry.
    Great smiles dental has high quality service with a team that makes you feel at home. They always explain what they are doing or going to do helping to keep you informed about your teeth and mouth."
    Mickey C.
  • "High quality very professional friendly service.
    Dr Shukla is a exceptional dentist and her entire staff and office are all 5 stars ⭐️ I absolutely have and will continue to recommend Dr Shukla."
    Shirley W.
  • "Very friendly and professional staff.
    Been going here for over 20 years.... Always great service and always on schedule with minimal wait times... All staff is super friendly and professional... HIGHLY recommend for anyone looking for a dentist in the Westfield area!"
    Marcie M.
  • "Because you should want to go to your dentist
    Another good visit to Dr Shukla at Great Smiles. Always a pleasure checking in to the office and the waiting room is now equipped with cold drinks and Nespresso coffee maker, although I actually didn't have to wait. Came in for teeth cleaning with Donna, followed by a dental exam. Dr Shukla is thorough, gentle and caring, clearly taking a long-term view toward maintaining heathy teeth and gums. Many thanks, see you in six months!"
    Malcolm W.
  • "Dr. Shukla is the best!!!
    I have been a patient of Dr. Shukla for several years. I called the office with a dental issue this afternoon and saw her within an hour. Dr. Shukla is empathetic and reassuring, and she always takes the time to answer any questions you may have. I am very happy with this dental practice and highly recommend Dr. Shukla!"
    Jackie B.
  • "Dr. Shukla and all support staff at Great Smiles are highly competent, caring and efficient! My family of 6 has been receiving wonderful dental care from them for years."
    Lucy R.
  • "Careful, thorough, and proficient.
    Dr. Shukla has a calm and pleasant demeanor. She is careful, thorough and proficient in her dental work. All of her staff are experienced, friendly, and very professional."
    Rob L.
  • "Great experience.
    Doctor Shukla is a great, highly skilled and very thorough dentist."
    Anuj G.
  • "Wonderful dentist and staff !
    Everyone at Great Smiles are professional, friendly and a pleasure to deal with. I actually, kind of, look forward to going. I highly recommend Dr. Shukla and her entire staff."
    Russ G.